Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy (busy) Holidays!

Theres a lot of talk that goes on around this time of year about what the Holiday's are "really about." Whether it be a blog post, facebook status, email forward or tweet; people always seem to buzz about local charities, soup kitchens, angel tree drives and goodwill drop offs. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there are so many avenues for people to read and share their hearts for those less fortunate, especially at a time as special as Christmas.
But I find myself curious as to where all the personal involvement has gone?
It's easy to post an add you came across for "A thanksgiving meal" or "Present drop off". But where are the face to face encounters? Where are the post about the man you spent Christmas day with?

This is not a guilt post! So it thats what your getting out of this, maybe there is something at work in your own heart.
I simply would like to know what people are ACTUALLY more mass stories about those 1 in a million people who did an incredible act of kindness. Brag on yourself! I want to hear about it! I want to be encouraged by the neighbors in my own community who aren't just reading about the nice stuff, their doing it.
I recently took a homeless woman out to breakfast, at what felt like, an ungodly hour. She said she wanted to go early because she wakes up when the sun comes up (of course) and "enjoys the quietness of the city at that time of day." I have never really considered the sleeping patterns of a homeless person before. Never sleeping in, never going to bed early, waking up to all kinds of sounds that you can't control. When I apologized for all my pestering questions, she stopped me and said "It's nice to have someone curious about whats going on in my life."

I love that. When the meal was over, she didn't ask for anything, or even want anything else. She was content with company and conversation over a hot meal.

This short encounter made me regroup back to the basics. It's not about the number of blankets, food or presents we pass out this holiday season. It's the faces of the people we are handing them too. Try to remember to not get overwhelmed by the needs. Just see and hear the one person who is in front of you today. I encourage you not to just hand out money to the sign holder, but to maybe pull over, stop your "busy schedule" and mind from racing, to remember whats important. People.

Christ was never overwhelmed or discouraged by hundreds of faces and needs he saw every day. Why is that? He was fully human, fully capable of giving into that stressful feeling of "never doing enough" or the guilt of doing nothing at all.
It's because he concentrated on the individual. It's because he was so in-tune with the Father that he was able to focus (fully) on one need at a time, allowing both hearts to be opened and prepared for each other. So that both the homeless man and he were blessed.

I know its easy to use the "I'm busy" excuse. There is so much pressure from society to always be doing something. It's a subconscious answer when friends ask me what I'm up to, to say "Oh just crazy busy!"
SO heres the challenge; Be open. Don't be so busy. Just don't. I promise that you are the one who sets your schedule. You make time for the things that are important to you.
Give time and love to the things that last, people. When you look back on this christmas, years from now, you wont remember sending a check in. You'll remember the single mom and 4 children you had over for Christmas dinner. Or the man you handed a blanket to downtown and listened to his life story.
You'll never know the value that people give to a good listener or someone who simply cared enough to notice. For some people, its everything. 

Happy Holiday's everyone! May it be filled with tons of happy people and love 

Email me with needs in your area, or your encouraging stories.
To get involved with a need in Richmond you can also contact me through phone or email; 804.461.6252
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